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Futsal Sport Techniques


Football sport technique refers to the ability of an individual to use parts of the body. Manage or control the ball correctly, reasonable needs. Whether stationary or while moving. Which elements are coaching as follows.


   Good control of the ball ensures possession is retained and helps to initiate the next move more speedily and effectively. To allow proper control, the speed has to be taken off the ball. This means that the part of the body used to control the ball must be relaxed at the time of contact.


   Passing is a key element of attacking play. It is vital to maintain concentration and balance in order to pass properly.

3.Dribbling past opponents

   Dribbling past an opponent is a very useful technique in futsal as it can break down a defence and create a numerical advantage. It is the most unpredictable technical manoeuvre and creates doubt and uncertainty in the opposing team.


   Shooting at goal is the culmination of an attacking move and the most decisive technique when it comes to winning a game.


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