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History Futsal

        Established many years ago, futsal, a term that comes from the contraction of "fútbol" and "sala" and which can be translated as "indoor football", is now played by most member associations of FIFA.


Football 5 people internationally

   •in 1965 event in South America. Paraguay championship in South America.

   •In 1979 with the championship South America again 6 times by the samba Brazilian championship every time.

   •In 1980 and ad 1984 Pan American Cup competition by the samba Brazilian Championship both times.

   •In 1982 World Championships (unofficially) for the first time at the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil and the championship this year is the Brazil. Itself.

   •In 1985 World Championships (unofficially) times 2 at Spain, Brazil has the champion.

   •In 1988 World Championships (unofficially) times 3 at Australia. Brazil lost the championship to Ghana for the first time.

   •In 1989 later, International Federation of association football (FIFA) to take care of first World Championship which competition at Holland. And Brazil to dominate the a championship. Vice champion Spain. Third, Russia.

   •In 1992 World Championship Competition Time 2 at Hong Kong, Brazil still dominate the champion. Vice champion the United States ranked three in Spain.

   •In 1996 world championship competition time 3 Spain, Brazil still dominate the champion. ของโลกอ grilled sticky. Vice champion Holland. Third, United States.

   •In 2000 World Championship at the time 4 Guatemala. Spain can fall champion three times of world No.1 vice champion Brazil top สามโปรตุเกส.

   •In 2004 World Championship at the time 5. Spain, also occupies a champion runner Italy third Brazil.

   Football is the game, great sport and the audience is crazy about this kind of sport is very ที่สุดในโลกเนื่องจาก football is a fun game. Look easy. Colorful in cheering, especially in game big field we call the game 11 people that popular both at the level of the club. The League of each country and international is the world cup. At present this football competition just in big field only also managed competitive football, indoor soccer 5 we called "people". Or "football" (FUTSAL).

Football 5 people in Thailand

   Thailand has football management 5 people up for the first time in the 2540 with cooperation from the opponent. And to push this kind of sport to be popular more and more. Whether it is the Football Association of the Royal Bangkok sports of Thailand and the mall Group Co., Ltd., jointly organized 5 cup. In the list of "STAR IN DOOR SOCCER 1997" on July 2540 21 12 - at The mall bangkapi by 12 club team leading from Thailand league competition. Port team championship.

   A year later the football 5 people up again this time. "2 team win a championship, the old port metropolis."

   Year 2543 management has become the 3 Futsal competition of each region by qualifying the team champion and runners-up to compete with the top club teams from the league. In the race of Futsal Championship The success in this competition to sports Futsal popular more and more.

   Later the opportunity to host the games the Asian Futsal championship. And from such competition makes the third and have the right to travel to the Futsal World Championship final, between the 18 November. To 3 December 2543 in Guatemala.

   At present, Futsal (FUTSAL) is a popular sport and interest of all ages. Because the game exciting sport, enjoy every minute of the race and can be played throughout the year in all weather conditions make Futsal (FUTSAL). Became a popular sport to get the new millennium.


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